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EGL (Enterprise Generation Language)



What is EGL?

EGL is IBM's latest programming language, developed specifically with business environment in mind.

Just as COBOL, when it appeared in 1960's, simplified business application development, thereby enabling significant increase in productivity in comparison with previously used assembly languages, nowadays EGL offers a simpler and more productive means of developing cross-platform and network-enabled business applications for distributed IT environments.

Business environments are in a constant state of flux; production platforms, application architecture and infrastructure are all changing continuously. This leads to an ever-increasing number of different languages, tools and processes. With this in mind, EGL has been constructed in such a way as to support the use of application development abstractions which enable programmers to avoid the multiformity and complexity of evolving technical interfaces of different platforms, allowing them to focus on building business functionality.

In order to achieve this level of platform-independence, EGL does not employ virtual machine or interpreter technology; but instead, translates the program into languages which assure compatibility with the intended platform. In effect, EGL supports code implementation by means of compiling source code into Java, COBOL and recently into JavaScript for Web 2.0 applications.

EGL is easy to learn, regardless of your prior programming experience, whether in procedural or object-oriented programming. We recommend you join the growing number of EGL users and discover the ways in which this revolutionary technology can help you speed up the development of innovative business solutions.

How we can help you

Working with ASIST Company from Belgium, SW G&M can offer you a broad spectrum of services, which includes training your development team, consulting, migration, change management, modernisation and project management. Each project is carried out in accordance with specifications provided by our clients in order to address their specific needs and demands.

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